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Redecouverte Jun. 2nd, 2011 @ 09:45 pm
What most strikes me is that I remembered the password after three years or so, and that this account is still active. Not to mention that the folks I find most interesting are, unlike me, still posting on a regular basis. Love that long tail, folks.

I feel happy...(thwack) Apr. 16th, 2008 @ 07:07 pm
As in, "I'm not dead yet."

Still loving life at the Book Barn in Niantic -- stop in and buy something next time you're exactly in-between New York and Boston on 95. Good books -- cheap (most hardcovers/trade paperbacks are four bucks) and plentiful (about 375,000 volumes). This week, a lot of families and kids due to school vacation, which is usually a blast. The kids go nuts over all the animals (Uptown: 16 cats, 2 goats, and a very cool Australian collie. Downtown: 6 turtles, 2 gweepers, and the improbably massive Frank, last of the Engish Sumo Tabbies), not to mention the books. I heard one 8-year-old shout out, "I just hit the Goosebumps jackpot!" from the back of the shop while his twin brother was swooning over all the Bermuda Triangle books. Neat.

Still happily single. Have moved into The Cottage, the house I more or less grew up in (some days less, obviously) after my sister's death from cancer late last year. Still making radio weekly. Have become something of a CPAP evangelist. Can be obnoxious in my reverence for Obama. Trying to be grateful every day. Am something of a lazy-ass Buddhist.

Good lord, I'm middle-aged. How did that happen?

Nov. 17th, 2006 @ 11:46 pm
Mid-life crisis, ahoy!!!

After the cut, playing Lola Lola to my Professor Unrath, it's...

that indie-obscure object of desire...Collapse )

Puja to the bookstore deity. Sep. 14th, 2005 @ 09:04 pm
On what was otherwise the slowest sales day in many months (welcome to the autumn doldrums, hurry up and bring on the foliage, yo) I sold a rare RM Stanley (predecessor to Capt Jeffrey Spaulding in the African colonialism biz) and the Big Barn sold a Mark Twain 1st edition, thus saving the day. Huzzah!

Margaret Atwood's "Robber Bride" is back in the on-deck circle having been pre-empted by the arrival this morning of Frances Kuffel's "Passing for Thin," which at the midpoint is one of the few weight-loss memoirs that hasn't had me chanting "bullshit bullshit bullshit" by the third chapter. So far, so good, looks like I'll run through the rest of it later tonight and hurl a few thunderbolts of judgement when I'm done.

Good thing to be where I am, I guess. Aug. 29th, 2005 @ 08:16 pm
Either that, or I really have _no_ ambition/imagination.

Here's my recommended list from FindYourSpot.com's quiz:

Danbury, Connecticut
Eugene, Oregon
Hartford, Connecticut
Corvallis, Oregon
Providence, Rhode Island
Boston, Massachusetts
New Haven, Connecticut
Worcester, Massachusetts
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Salem, Oregon
Medford, Oregon
Stamford-Norwalk, Connecticut
Portland, Oregon
Bend, Oregon
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Johnson, Vermont
Oshkosh-Appleton/Neenah, Wisconsin
Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts
Andover, Massachusetts
Charleston, West Virginia
Reno, Nevada
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Fayetteville, hmmm? Curiouser and curiouser. Sheboygan, here I come!
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For the record: still a bookstore guy, and still pinching myself at my luck. Still mostly happy.
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Yes, I got sucked into the ranked-interests thing, too...Collapse )
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Just another dead meme: the reader may skip this section without penalty.

Know how to get an ironist to shut up? Ask him what he really means. Know how to get a record shop guy to admit what he really obsesses about? Take him out of the shop for a year, let the snowglobe of his mind settle a little, and then have him work a by-no-means-complete-or-definitive list of 30 or so albums with he has from earliest childhood to callowest youth and incipient dotage for various reasons obsessed over, and not always in a healthy fashion. Not to be confused with a canonical best-of list, these are just the albums that I'll probably wake up listening to five minutes after I'm dead. Admittedly, it's heavily weighted toward the music of my, uh, younger days, but the main criteria I used for inclusion was having been immediately floored by the first listen in a way that was new to me, then having spent a good chunk of time afterwards working out what it was that I found so fascinating. A few albums snuck their way on by virtue of the varous folks past and present with whom they are irrevocably associated, and in those particular cases I was as much obsessed with working out what it was that I found so goddamned wonderful about them. In any case, I'll proudly stand by them, then and now. The records, that is.

So this post is, selfishly, pretty much just for me. Hence, the cut. Still, I'd be flattered by feedback.

» Since you didn't ask.
Life imitates The Onion. Not the tearful, multilayered, greenglass translucence of life in these here Yoonighted Estancias, just the sheer yockfulness of how obvious it all is.


(Strap on those rocket-sled belts, kiddos.)

1) Actually got paid real money ($100) for DJing a club event. Usually live (non-radio) DJing means between sets at some friend's rock show for (a) the pleasure and (b) the cuties, this time it actually turned into an old-school hip-hop soul indie quirk hesher lovefest. Ironically, technically the most nightmarish: almost all my gear broke or froze, which was fine hey whatthefock because the club made little to no accomodation for setup space or even appropriate plugins. Wound up running the whole thing off my iPod. Not exactly an old-school cred-builder, but the crowd responded well and the club owner, to my amazement, slapped 100 clams into my sweaty fist.

2) Presided at a friend's funeral at the request of his sister and his Mom. Painful, genuinely tragic, and drenched in love -- the real shit, like you rarely even read about any more. Life-changing, and I'm still figuring out how.

3) Switched mode of primary employment for the first time in 17 years. Left a great job for one that's even better. I am vaguely aware of how little I appreciate how lucky I am even though I daily thank Cthulu for how much I love my new job. Imagine working at a great little record store, then leaving to go work at a (huge) all-time fave used-book store. That, undeservedly, incredibly, is me. And, next month, for the first time ever and bucking every social trend of this benighted Bush junta: employer-provided health insurance. Shoot me now.

4) Inspired farcically inappropriate jealousy on the part of my best friend's SO by being caught asleep and undressed in her apartment. Life imitates sitcom. Hilarity ensues. Actually, not the first time that's happened, I just felt like mentioning it again, though.

5) Was threatened with legal action. Bring it on, phool.
» *Foop*
Livejournal must really really like me -- over a year without an update and my account is still active. Insert slightly stale Sally Field reference.


06) Spalding Gray, slightly soggy and rather at a loss for words.
07) The most recent person you've slept with whose name you can't remember.
08) Miss Brubaker from 6th-grade English, and her skin still has those odd pink patches.
09) Dennis Hopper's dog.
10) Bernini's St Teresa, smoking a cigarette and stretching her toes.
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