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(Like Flies On Sherbert)

"For 17 years, the King of Late"
Food. Grunt. Music. Grunt. Orgasm. Grunt. Art. Grunt.

Child guy. School guy. College guy. Writing Instructor guy. Night Clerk guy. Record store guy. Video store guy. Editor guy. Bookstore guy. Independent Radio Producer guy. Big guy. Tall guy. Happy guy.
1915 panama-pacific exposition, 1930s radicalism, 45's, 78's, achilles g. rizzoli, acme novelty library, adrian rollini, alan lomax, anarchism, atom egoyan, august sander, barry hannah, bass saxophone, bill evans, bisexuality, bix beiderbecke, blind wille mctell, body art, bookstores, bruce connor, bud powell, character actors, charles ives, charlie parker, chris ware, cinematography, college radio, consumerism, cult films, cynical, david foster wallace, db's, don delillo, douglas sirk, early jazz, early photography, edward hoagland, elizabeth bishop, elvis costello, ephemera, essays, eugene v. pallette, experimental film, eyebrows, fassbinder, fringe culture, gematria, genitalia, george herriman, georgia sea island singers, german film, gershom scholem, googlewhacking, gregg toland, group theory, gunter grass, harry partch, high llamas, hudsucker proxy, hurricanes, ian mcewan, iceland, jack smith, james hampton, james joyce, jean shepherd, jewish mysticism, joe frank, joe franklin, johannes ockeghem, john heartfield, joseph cornell, kenneth anger, klaus staeck, krazy kat, krzysztof kieslowski, le chambon, lester bangs, libraries, lined-out hymnody, louise brooks, lp's, luc sante, maakies, magnetic fields, majella shepard, manu chao, mathematics, max beerbohm, max fleischer, mitteleuropa, modern lovers, nobukazu takemura, olive thomas, opinionated women, other people's piercings, outsider art, p. g. wodehouse, peter cook, philoctetes, pieter breughel, plate of shrimp, preston sturges, prime numbers, quakers, radio, record stores, replacements, robert musil, sacred harp, salt water, scrapple, silent films, spoken word, spoon, stanley cortez, tag sales, taijiquan, tattoos, terrence malick, thelonious monk, tilman riemenschneider, toes, used books, vent worms, w. g. sebald, wallace stevens, walter benjamin, walter murch, wfmu, william billings, william demarest, winsor mccay, wnyc, wolfgang borchert, yo la tengo, zbigniew zamachowski